Facebook ‘like’ losing retailers’ love

(Credit: Pinterest)

Pinterest’s “Pin it” button proved more desirable than Facebook’s “Like” button with retailers in 2013, according to a newly published reported from social marketing and analytics firm 8thBridge.

Pinterest’s Pin It button overtook Facebook’s Like button on the product page with 62 percent of the companies using the Pin It button versus 59 percent using the Like button, according to 8thBridge's annual social commerce report.

(Credit: 8thBridge)

For its third-annual report, 8thBridge analyzed the social commerce activities of 872 Web retailers between July and November 2013.

The firm found that 62 percent of retailers are using Pinterest pin it buttons on product pages versus 59 percent using Facebook’s like buttons. Pinterest, then, as the Web and mobile service for saving products to digital pin-boards, appears to be the more attractive network to brands trying to entice consumers to share and purchase their wares.

In some more bad news for Facebook, 8thBridge also determined that member engagement with brand Pages — defined as Page li… [Read more]



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Posted in CNET on Jan 11th, 2014 by In The News Team   

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