Browse Instagram on your iPad with Flow

(Credit: Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET)

Since Instagram stubbornly refuses to release a tablet-optimized version of its app, one is left to hunt for a third-party app that lets you browse Instagram writ large. (Disclaimer: Instagram restricts its API so that no third-party app can be used to upload photos.) I’ve tried out a number of Instagram iPad apps, which met with varying degrees of success. Today, I encountered Flow for Instagram, which is my favorite of the bunch.

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The free Flow app boasts a gorgeous design with little touches that makes it easy to use. And aside from the obvious lack of uploading ability, it has nearly all of the features I’m looking for in an iPad Instagram app: the ability to like an… [Read more]



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Posted in CNET on Jan 10th, 2014 by In The News Team   

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