5 Books To Help You Survive The Polar Vortex

Source: thinkprogress.org – Tuesday, January 07, 2014
CREDIT: Peabody Essex Museum It’s feeling awfully cold in Washington, DC today, and I’m not even close to the epicenter of the polar vortex that’s cutting an icy swath through the United States today, where schools are closed, cities are taking emergency measures to protect homeless people from the cold, and temperatures are diving well into the negatives. I’m at work, but if you’re staying home because of work closures, or because school’s closed and you’ve got to keep an eye on your chilly children, this is a terrific day to curl up with something hot to drink and a great book. In particular, if you’re looking for reading material that puts the current cold snap in some context, here are five recommendations for books about the cold that will remind you it could always be worse. 1. A Song Of Ice And Fire , George R.R. Martin : Martin’s epic saga spills across continents and climate zones, stretching from the bitter north to desert kingdoms that have essentially no economy other than slave-trading. But the most important pressure that shapes all of the characters’ actions, whether they’re thinking about it or not, is the fact that the world in which the series is set has years-long winters and summers. And after an exceptionally long summer, a generation that has never known winter is heading into what could be a particularly bitter one, and facing winter at a time when war has disrupted harvests and preparation for the bitter s

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