Thumbs-on!: Typo’s BlackBerry case for iPhones

Typo’s BlackBerry QWERTY for iPhone

LAS VEGAS — If an all-touch screen smartphone has never matched the speed nor dampened the satisfaction of a well-executed QWERTY keyboard beneath your fingertips, then the Typo Keyboard Case for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S might very well be the best $ 100 you’ve ever spent on a cell phone accessory.

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Designed to look just like the iconic BlackBerry keyboard with its ridged keys (yes, Typo’s been sued,) this plastic slip-on case proposes to join the best of both worlds.

All the keyboard trappings are there, and an extra button on the bottom right helps you navigate the iPhone’s screen while… [Read more]



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Posted in CNET on Jan 7th, 2014 by In The News Team   

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