Snow Bunnies of the Polar Vortex

Source: – Monday, January 06, 2014
Emotions aren’t the only things that are bitter among climate alarmists. The polar vortex that’s plunging temperatures to decade lows has brought the nation to a standstill, with half the country whining and the other half coming up with the worst puns evah. Despite the brutal conditions, the news cycle rolls on, and America needs her intrepid reporters to make snow-angels and tell the world that it is, indeed, balls cold. All that legal tree being sparked up in Colorado hasn’t not affected the state’s temperature. Lauren Whitney has the report. The arctic landscape of the centennial state is foreign territory for the former Sundevil. Lauren Whitney Twitter It’s not much better in Utah. KUTV’s Brooke Graham took one for the team by reporting in cold temperatures, even though she’s fainted in cold weather in the past. I happily took Brooke’s request and edited her spill to Pitbull’s “Timber.” As a consumer of the bull’s Eau de toilette for men , I am happy to oblige. Hope you like it, Brooke! She’s fared better reporting from sunny Los Angeles. Brooke Graham Instagram Veteran weather reporter Danielle Vollmar is no stranger to inclement weather. But reporting from a beach during a blizzard when you have to dodge both sand and snow takes the game to a whole new level. She’s all professionalism. Danielle Vollmar Facebook Winter weather is a critical component of football’s mystique. Fox Sports reporter Molly McGrath had a front row

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