Eagles really don’t want a touchback

Source: www.sbnation.com – Saturday, January 04, 2014
The best laid plans… The Philadelphia Eagles really don't want to give up an early touchback, so it's going to require some quick thinking, finesse, and impeccable timing. Simply put: Not this. Or from another angle… I never had the best hand-eye coordinator growing up, meaning I was convinced after watching too many kung fu movies that I could  kip-up or flip items into my hands using my feet. This is exactly like that. Hooray nostalgia! More from SB Nation NFL • SB Nation's 2014 NFL playoff coverage and brackets • Kelly: Watch for these signature plays during Wild Card weekend • Super Bowl odds for every possible matchup | NFL coaching tracker • 2014 NFL mock draft: Offseason planning begins for 20 teams • Death of a football player: Helmet-to-helmet hit killed Derek Sheely

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