Drug overdose caused death of hacker

Barnaby Jack discusses the ramifications of his ATM hack on the first day of Black Hat 2010.

(Credit: Seth Rosenblatt/CNET)

Overdosing on drugs caused the death of hacker Barnaby Jack, said the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office on Friday.

The 36-year-old Jack died only days before he was to give a demonstration of how to hack defibrillators and pacemakers at the annual security and hacker conference Black Hat last summer. He was scheduled to show how to force a pacemaker to deliver a lethal electric jolt by remote.

Known for hacking medical devices such as insulin pumps and pacemakers, Jack caused a media sensation when he showed live onstage how to “jackpot” an ATM, forcing it to shoot a spray of cash onto the stage.

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