Tweeting sharks forestall ‘Jaws’-like doom

Surf Life Saving WA even tweets pictures of sharks as they're spotted.

(Credit: Surf Life Saving WA)

Aquaphobes still traumatized by “Jaws” can now breathe a little easier.

Government researchers from Western Australia have tagged 338 sharks with acoustic transmitters on their bellies. These tagged sharks set off a computer alert when they’re about half a mile from the beach, which generates an automatic tweet on the Surf Life Saving Western Australia Twitter stream. Tweets include size, breed, and approximate location.

Fisheries advise: tagged Tiger shark detected at 1.5km off Scarborough receiver at 06:37:00 AM on 3-Jan-2014

— Surf Life Saving WA (@SLSWA) January 2, 2014

Despite the program’s impressive scale, marine biologist Kim Holland warns that swimmers shouldn’t throw caution to the seas just because sharks have gone high tech and gotten into social networking.

“It can, in fact, provide a false sense of security — that is, if there is no tweet, then there is no danger — and that simply is not a reasonable interpretation,” she tells Southern California radio station … [Read more]



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