World View: China Denounces Japan’s Planned Military Expansion

Source: – Sunday, December 22, 2013
This morning's key headlines from China denounces Japan's planned military expansion Another anti-polio worker shot in Pakistan North Korea threatens South with 'merciless attack' via fax machine China denounces Japan's planned military expansion Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (BBC) China is denouncing Japan's change in military strategy from "pacifism" to "proactive pacifism. Japan plans substantial increases in defense and military spending, especially to create a new amphibious assault force, in response to China's surging military strength and nationalistic aggression. ( "18-Dec-13 World View — Japan announces new military buildup to counter China" ) China's first reaction, on Wednesday, was: "It is hardly cheering news that a country whose leaders still salute war criminals has formally launched its military reconstruction." This refers to the visits by Japanese politicians to make annual personal visits to the Yasukuni Shrine, which contains Japanese dead from WW II, including 14 convicted or accused Class A war criminals. China's Defense Ministry spokesman said, "China is firmly opposed to Japan's relevant actions," and said: "On the one hand, Japan claimed that it is a peace-loving country, and that it adheres to a defensive defense policy and will not be a military power. On the other hand, Japan is peddling the so-called "proactive pacifism". In its new defense program guidelines, Japan gave

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