TVs at CES 2014: Bye-bye 1080p plasma, hello 4K LED LCD

The ZT60 is the ultimate Panasonic plasma.

A lot of stuff happened in 2013, and it was an especially eventful year in the TV market.

For the first time mainstream TVs with 4K resolution, all of them LED LCDs, appeared–and then promptly fell in price. After years of fits and starts, the first OLED TVs went on sale–and stayed expensive. 3D TV basically died with the ESPN pullout, and Evolution Kits, input lag and projectors were all newcomers to CNET’s ever-evolving TV reviews process.

The biggest change happened on October 31st, however, when Panasonic … [Read more]



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Posted in CNET on Dec 19th, 2013 by In The News Team   

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