Fly over Titan’s methane lakes in NASA’s video

A colorized mosaic from the Cassini probe shows the many lakes and seas on Titan, Saturn's moon.

(Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASI/USGS)

Dreaming of an exotic vacation destination? How about relaxing on the shores of Kraken Mare, a hydrocarbon sea on Titan?

It’s a tad chilly at minus 290 degree Fahrenheit, but that’s a small discomfort compared with the wow factor of being at the only spot in our solar system — outside Earth — with stable surface liquid.

Thanks to the adventurous Cassini space probe, you can get an overview of this lovely land of lakes and seas in a dramatic NASA video of Saturn’s biggest moon. The data form the most detailed view of the planet to date.

Aside from imaging Saturn’s hexagonal north pole, Cassini has been doing flybys of Titan’s northern hemisphere and using radar to probe formations such as Kraken Mare and Ligeia Mare, the largest seas, and local lakes.

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