It’s Been A Year Since The Sandy Hook Shooting — And America Has Done Nothing To Stop The Next One

Source: – Saturday, December 14, 2013
"Unwelcome fame." That's how Neil Heslin puts the last year of his life.  On Dec. 14, 2012, Neil's 6-year-old, son, Jesse McCord Lewis, was one of 20 children and six others who were killed when a shooter entered the typical elementary school in the typical small town  — Newtown, Conn. — and changed it forever.  Since then, Neil Heslin has made it his mission, as much as he can, to make sure it never happens again. He is one of the most visible parents and relatives of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. In February, he brought with him a framed photo of him and Jesse to Washington, D.C., where he made a tearful plea to the Senate Judiciary Committee to pass a law banning assault weapons. He has made countless appearances on television and cultivated friendly relationships with too many reporters to count, too.  "It is a very hard thing to describe," Heslin told Business Insider in an interview this week. "Everyone is looking at you, staring. You know what they're thinking. People from around the world know Jesse and I now.  "I guess you can call it 'unwanted fame.'" Every interview, every appearance, goes toward the goal of preventing another massacre like the one that happened in Newtown one year ago. But a year later, stunningly little has been done on a national scope to do that. The U.S. Senate took a vote on the most basic of reforms  — expanding background checks on gun buyers — in April, when it went

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