Missing American disappeared on unapproved CIA mission in Iran

Source: www.pbs.org – Friday, December 13, 2013
US Daniel Levinson, left, shows a picture of his father, ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson, during a press conference with his mother Christine at the Swiss embassy in Tehran in December 2007. Photo by Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images An American who vanished nearly seven years ago in Iran was working for the CIA on an unapproved intelligence-gathering mission that, when it came to light inside the government, produced one of the most serious scandals in the recent history of the CIA — but all in secret, an Associated Press investigation found. The CIA paid Robert Levinson's family $ 2.5 million to head off a revealing lawsuit. Three veteran analysts were forced out of the agency and seven others were disciplined. The U.S. publicly has described Levinson as a private citizen. "Robert Levinson went missing during a business trip to Kish Island, Iran," the White House said last month. That was just a cover story. In an extraordinary breach of the most basic CIA rules, a team of analysts – with no authority to run spy operations – paid Levinson to gather intelligence from some of the world's darkest corners. He vanished while investigating the Iranian regime for the U.S. government. Details of the disappearance were described in documents obtained or reviewed by the AP, plus interviews over several years with dozens of current and former U.S. and foreign officials close to the search for Levinson, who is from Coral Springs, Fla. Nearly all

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