Audiophiliac speaker of the year: Zu Druid V

Zu Druid V

(Credit: Zu Audio)

The very first Zu speaker I ever heard was a Druid IV, and it bowled me over! There was a rare vitality to the sound. That was back in 2007, and every Zu speaker I’ve tested since then has been remarkable. The Druid V is not only a significant advance over any Zu I’ve tested, it’s the best speaker I’ve heard at home this year.

The Druid V is a 50-inch-tall floor-standing loudspeaker, and it’s bolted to an immaculately finished, machined aluminum base. The speaker sports the latest version of Zu’s 10.3-inch full-range driver that covers bass, midrange, and treble frequencies up to 12kHz.; a 2-inch Radian 850 aluminum dome tweeter handles higher treble frequencies. The Druid V was designed and manufactured in Ogden, Utah, and almost all of the parts are made in the US, including the two drivers. I used a range of speaker cables in my collection with the Druid Vs, but I preferred the sound with Zu Event cables.

The Druid V is remarkably efficient — it can make a big sound without a lot … [Read more]



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