Why AT&T’s new pricing plans are only a bargain for some

AT&T’s newly revised service plans may sound like a good deal, but a closer read of the fine print reveals hidden price hikes on its most popular data plans.

AT&T announced a new pricing structure Thursday that the company claimed in its press release will “make it even easier for customers to share data and save money” on AT&T’s network. Blogs and articles all over the Internet have been touting AT&T’s newly revised Mobile Share Value pricing structure as a big improvement and a great value for consumers.

But a closer look at the tweaked service plans shows that for most consumers, these new plans are unlikely to save them money. And in some cases, it may even cost them more cash than what they would have paid under the company’s old plans. Still, AT&T’s new pricing structure can offer savings for customers willing to hold onto their smartphones a bit longer and for those on either the low-end or the high-end of data usage.

In order to better understand AT&T’s revamped, complicated pricing structure and to figure out under which circumstances you can save money with these new plans, I put together this FAQ for my Ask Maggie readers.

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Posted in CNET on Dec 6th, 2013 by In The News Team   

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