Twitter Finally Ditches API v1, Nixing TweetDeck for iOS, Android & AIR

Source: – Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Today, Twitter confirmed that it has indeed moved on from API v1 in favor of the new API v1.1. Unless you’re a developer working on Twitter applications, that may not mean anything to you, so let me explain in laymen’s language: TweetDeck has basically gone bye-bye. (For that matter, so has SilverBird, DestroyTwitter and anything else that relied on version 1 of the Twitter API.) That Twitter owned TweetDeck makes no difference. In fact, this writing has been on the wall for quite some time now. Of course, you still have TweetDeck for Mac, PC, Chrome and on the Web, but if you were a fan of TweetDeck for iOS, Android or AIR, then you’re out of luck. [Looking for TweetDeck mobile alternatives? Check out a list of options here .] Of course, this isn’t the first Twitter-based app to bite the dust, and with good reason. For smaller apps, Twitter allotted a measly number of user tokens — capped at 100,000 — which was far too limiting as it was. And jumping through hoops to revamp for v1.1 just isn’t worth it for some devs. Major apps, however, will likely be unaffected. There was plenty of warning about the transition to API v1.1. In fact, they even had an extension. Originally, the change was supposed to come on May 7 , but was pushed to allow more time for testing. Maybe the company should’ve tested a little longer. The Next Web found searching on Twitter was rather glitchy due to API issues.        

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